Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Saga Continues

My last post was about my daughter and her two small children living here. She's been gone two days now (she's staying with a woman who use to be her neighbor and has threatened on numerous occasions to call Social Services on my daughter). She briefly contacted her dad (my husband) yesterday to say she wouldn't be home again last night. He's a truck driver and wasn't home. She texted him. Anyway, My oldest daughter called today to ask if we were still throwing her a baby shower (she's due late January). During the course of the conversation (she was talking to one of my younger daughters), she mentioned that my daughter who was living here with her children told my oldest she had moved out. She has not told us she has moved out but I feel certain she probably does plan to. My thoughts are this. I'm tired. My house has been peaceful and clean for 3 days (since she left). I have gotten more done in three days than I usually get done in two weeks. Not once has anyone raised their voice (since she left). My two youngest are happy. Maybe I should do tough love and take all of her belongings to her storage unit. If she returns, ask for the key to our house and tell her where her belongings are. If she doesn't return, change the locks. With both of my older daughters, they tend to blame and punish my husband, myself and our two youngest, whenever things go wrong for them. We are usually an after thought until they need something, then we are "Mom and Dad". I love my daughters and I blame myself. I hovered over them trying to protect them from being hurt when they were growing up. I came to their "rescue" whenever they needed something. Now, it's our relationship. So how do I change the relationship without losing my daughters? Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed. My daughters really are nice girls, they just lack gratitude and humility. They behave as if they are entitled and we are in their way of getting what they "deserve".
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Tami said...

Hi, frazzled Nanny. I saw your puppy on a recipe site and jumped. We have a adopted puppy who could be your dogs twin. What type of dog is yours? We know our Lucy is part Boston terrier but don't know what else. Wish you luck in your family.